What I offer

I support efforts to strengthen resources, invigorate resiliency, build sustainability, and enhance creativity.  I offer this support to individuals and to systems of many sizes as a coach, consultant, and psychotherapist.  

My clients are those involved in social change on small and larger scales.  Some are simply trying to employ more collaborative leadership styles to distribute power and responsibility in organizations.  Others are deeply involved in social change activities.  In all cases, the master narrative of capitalism and individualism in our culture shapes their dilemmas.  The interventions we create together take a stand for more complexity and interdependence.

My passion is helping people who are committed to social change work collaboratively.  My offerings include:

  • Leadership and executive coaching
  • Designing and facilitating workshops
  • Structured group dialogues such as Appreciative Inquiry, Public Conversations, Art of Hosting, and World Café
  • Change management
  • Strategic planning
  • Coaching organizations and individuals through transitions
  • Facilitating group meetings to develop strategies, overcome obstacles, and realize innovations
  • Providing consulting services to help leverage change and create an inspiring organization culture
  • Specific offerings for women’s leadership development